€RATIO – Bookkeeping made easy!


Bookkeeping made easy
Your job is to do what you are
best at, let us handle the
bookkeeping so that you can
spend your time making money.

Complete Monthly, Quarterly and
Yearly Accounts are provided as a
standard. But, ERATIO, being different
from others, keeps your accounts
updated and accurate all the time.

ERATIO does not wait until tomorrow,
end of the week or month to post
and reconcile your accounts.

We keep your accounts up to date,
every day. Keeping you up to date
with your numbers all the time.

ERATIO Micro Complete - International holding companies
$1,000 per year
  • USD 1,000 per year
  • Includes:
    200 vouchers/year
    Login to accounting system
    Year-end reporting
    1 hour support
    Direct integration with bank
  • Bookkeeping according to Norwegian laws and regulations
    Daily updated financial reporting
    Training and setup
    Receipt of PDF & EHF invoices directly from supplier
    Use your mobile camera to scan paper invoices


For more packages and prices, please visit our Norwegian page.

Additional services

Year End Support & Fiscal Reporting

Year End and Fiscal reports to Tax Authorities are provided as an add-on service from NOK 3,000.

ERATIO completes all reporting required by the Tax Authorities within the first month after Year End.


We do payroll for NOK 149 per employee per payslip.

Additional user

Additional user is NOK 125 per month, e.g. if you want additional staff to have online and mobile app access.


We can help you with budgeting.

Contact us for more information.

Travel Expense reporting

We offer integrated travel expense reporting system, with approval workflow. Expenses will be refunded monthly.

The price is NOK 199 per travel expense report.

Sending paper invoices

We can print and send paper invoices to your customers.

Price is NOK 20 per invoice.

PS! Digital invoice is included in the fixed fee (no additional charge).


We have reporting module that can help you get better understanding of your financial situation. This module is also perfect for auditor and others that need insight to your finances.

Price is NOK 49,- per month.

EHF (PEPPOL) invoice

We can receive EHF invoice from your suppliers. The price is NOK 4,- per invoice.

You can read more about EHF here, and PEPPOL here.

What separates us from others?

Low Cost

eRatio delivers accounting services for about half the cost of a traditional provider. Our price list is simple, and easy. If you already have a provider, show us your current costs and we do it for half the price.

Daily updates

ERATIO books received vouchers daily, and reconcile your accounts daily. Every day, all year round.

You get complete overview on web and app – every day.

Cash Flow

ERATIO provides solutions integrated with your Bank, this provides you with daily Cash Flow reports, by SMS, email or online. You decide!

Contracts - am i locked in?

No, we don’t believe in locking in our Customers. You are free to leave at any time giving us 1 month notice. Prepayments will be refunded.


ERATIO require no papers being sent to us, all your vouchers and bookkeeping materials are being scanned and stored online. In many jurisdictions you may dispose your papers as they are scanned, we recommend that you send them for recycling.

Dedicated Accounting Teams

Accounting is about doing it right the first time, every time. Errors do not have space with us. Your dedicated Team ensures that you are in the centre of the process and not just a “client”, for us you are a Customer!

Sales Tax/VAT

Your scheduled Sales Tax/VAT is reported by eRatio no later than one week after end of period. We do not believe in holding back until the deadline.

Competent & Effective

Our Accounting Teams are selected based on their experience and knowledge about the area of business they are dedicated to. They are your experts and they deliver information and results for you to make your business decisions every day.

They know bookkeeping and make sure it’s done right.


Delivering accurate accounts is fun! And providing the right answers to our customers are what we live for every day. We shall always find an answer that enable you to go on with your business.

Pay as you grow

We are dedicated to Small and Medium Business Owners, but as you grow we will always look for solutions that cater for your needs when you grow. We shall always be competitive and agile in order to deliver the product you need.

Software and Process

We provide integrated Messaging and Help Desk as standard. Voice and Video can also be added as a service.

External Access

Our systems can be linked to your Auditors or others. Multiple Log-in are available if needed.


We complete and reconcile your balance accounts, like your bank accounts, your currency accounts, credit card accounts, ApplePay, Vipps, mPay, MobilePay, and PayPal accounts.

All transactions to your your P&L and Balance are being posted within 12 hours as you load them to the system, weekdays, weekends and holidays included. Your business may not sleep, nor do we.