Robots doing repetetive work

The future is here – Today!

Robots are doing much of previously manual, repetetive work, and in the financial business there have been exiting developments during the past few years;

  • Digital and direct invoicing between companies ensures less manual work and increase in timely payments
  • Directly integrated bank offers continual reconciliation
  • POS directly integrated with accounting system means less sources of errors, and income directly booked continually
  • OCR means receipts are ready to book


Robots doing the work means boring, repetetive manual labour is greatly reduced; And, the primary source of errors – humans – is less present, resulting in less errors.

Combined, the above allows us to provide updated books at low cost.

Some manual booking is still required, and is (of course) included in our packages. Within 3 days of receiving a voucher it will be booked – provided you submit vouchers continually and not in batch.



Typical save on accounting costs

Received voucher is booked within 72 hours


Paperless and digitalized accounting